Elbow Controlled Articular Rotations

Elbow Controlled Articular Rotations: “CARS” via @drandreospina and #FRC —–
Don’t sleep on this exercise because it appears silly or like a waste of time. Most people suck at controlling radial/ulnar relationship to the humerus and aren’t willing focus on it until they have a problem. Don’t be that guy/girl.

This is a great “kinetic hygiene” drill (a term I like and stole from @simplestrengthphysio) for anybody but especially for desk jockeys, bodyworkers, tennis players, golfers, pitchers and anyone else who may be prone to elbow issues.

Focus on isolating pronation/supination and rotation at the elbow by locking down the humerus and holding it with the opposite hand. Maintain a straight wrist and fingers throughout the drill. Go slow and create internal resistance and imagine that you are pushing through the air. Increase the repetitions and add load to progress the difficulty. Be sure to practice in both directions.

Try paring this with “Stir The Pot Wrist Circles” (shown in an earlier post) and “Rolling Fists” (coming later this week) to bulletproof the wrist and elbows.