Don’t Let Injuries Disrupt Your Training!


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Don’t Let Injuries Disrupt Your Training!

Although many people view exercise as a luxury I truly believe we should view it as any other basic need. Movement is essential and even when we get bumps in the road like injuries or illness we should do our best to press on despite the circumstances.

The hormonal and psychological advantages to physical activity, when applied correctly can provide a great internal environment for healing. Both coaches and trainees we should strive to find creative approaches to exercise even when conditions are less than ideal.

Lisa wasn’t going to let a few broken bones get her down. A radial and scaphoid fracture might keep us from gripping or directly loading the left arm but since her triumphant return to @bodybyboyle we’ve been finding ways to keep her working hard.

Zercher holds with the @ultimatesandbagfor carries, squatting, split squatting and lateral squatting have been a great tool to continue challenging her despite her inability to grip. We also switched to sled dragging using a belt rather than our traditional forward sled march.

For upper body we’ve simply focused on unilateral loading until we can begin using the left arm again. Training unilaterally during injuries has been shown to maintain and improve strength in the immobilized arm due to neurological carryover. This phenomenon known as “the crossover effect” is extremely useful at accelerating rehab following immobilization.

What creative techniques do you like to use to train around injuries?