Deskbound? Take Your Daily Dose of Movement

Daily dose of movement therapy for my desk bound friends.

Chin Packing:

  •    Tuck your chin in toward your sternum
  •    Think double chin and not sexy!

T-Spine Rotations:

  •    Knees out – sit your butt down to your heels
  •    Forearm flat on one side
  •    Other arm reaches across your ribs
  •    Eyes follow the moving shoulder – return back to neutral – repeat for 8-12 reps on each side
  •    The key here is to mobilize the upper back


   🔹Anterior core activation

   🔹Chin stays packed (like the first clip)

   🔹Lock your rib cage down to your belly-button

   🔹Squeeze your glutes and abdominals as hard as you can

   🔹Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth (8 strong breaths)

   🔹Create as much tension as possible

Single-Leg Hip Lift:

   🔹Glute activation

   🔹The closing angle at your knee should be about 90 degrees

   🔹Opposite hand pushes into your knee and knee pushes back into your hand

   🔹Drive you’d hips up towards the ceiling

   🔹Squeeze the glute of the working leg (down leg)

   🔹Toes up on the working leg

   🔹Crush your abdominals

   🔹Hold for 10 seconds – repeat 5 times on each side


   🔹Focusing on the front foot

   🔹Front foot stays flat or close to it.

   🔹Your weight should push your knee out laterally (away from your body).

   🔹Think – drive the knee out toward the pinky toe

   🔹Do these everyday and let me know how you feel!