Cranky elbows?

Cranky elbows?
Healthy elbows?
Either way try these out.
MAINTAIN & OWN your ranges of motion.

Often neglected are our elbows. Here are some radio-ulnar rotations I practice every day to maintain healthy elbows as a Manual Therapist.
Everyone can benefit from these.

   – Try and create as much self imposed resistance as possible.
   – Low to moderate intensity does not markedly change the collagen content of connective tissue.
   – Change occurs when there is a strong enough stimulus to cause muscle fiber disruption and damage.
   – Master INTERNAL loading prior to adding EXTERNAL loads.

Why do this?
    – Movement about a joint creates changes in pressure in the joint capsule that drive nutrients from the synovial fluid toward the articular cartilage of the joint.
    – Immobilization of a joint prevents proper diffusion of oxygen and essential nutrients throughout the joint.
    – If you don’t use it, you lose it.