Bridging The Gap From Bilateral To Single Leg Deadlifting

The title for this article should really be..

“Awesome Single Leg Deadlift Progressions I Stole From Other Coaches.”

While hanging out at Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC and with the crew at STRIVE United Therapies in Winnipeg I was able to pick up some cool progressions to bridge the gap from bilateral deadlifting to single leg deadlifting. I have always loved this movement and had great success programming it with the progressions I wrote about in this article back in 2010.

However, it can often be difficult to transition directly into single leg deadlifting with clients who struggle with balance and hip stability. Additionally, I think these drills can provide cool variations for the year-long general population client who may be looking for some variations in their programming. Check them out below.

Split Stance Kettlebell Deadlift

The split stance deadlift is an exercise I used to program but somehow it completely escaped from my exercise encyclopedia for a period of time. It wasn’t until Marco Sanchez and I saw an entire class of Ninjas crushing this exercise a Mark Fisher Fitness that I realized a resurgence of the split stance deadlift was necessary.

This progression is great first step from the bilateral deadlift towards single leg deadlifting. The slight stagger of the feet introduces the rotational component of single leg training but provides enough support so balance and instability is not an issue.

Supported Valslide Deadlift

The supported valslide deadlift is a variation I had never seen until I visited my friends north of the border at STRIVE in “Friendly Manitoba.” When shown this variation I had the immediate reaction of “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS?!”

I love this progression as a follow up to the split stance deadlift because it increases the demand for single leg stability and mimics the body position of a true SLDL without completely taking away the support leg. Also, the act of reaching the trail leg really encourages glue engagement on the standing leg.

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