Aerobic Brain Circuits

Aerobic Brain Circuits

“Aerobic exercise increased volume in the prefrontal and temporal cortex, the two regions that are often reported to show substantial age related deterioration.”

As we age our body will entropy if we let it. Our brain shrinks, our tissues stiffen and our nervous system slows down.

We don’t have to resign to that. The ailments of “Old age” are not a predesignated condition but more of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Studies have demonstrated that aerobic exercise increases brain mass in the temporal and prefrontal regions of the brain, the two regions associated with Alzheimer’s and cognitive degeneration. We also know that physical challenges that demand attention and awareness promote the release of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Growth Factor (BDNF), promoting brain cell growth and plasticity even in the elderly.

With this in mind I’ve been doing “Aerobic Brain Circuits” with all my clients not just those who are “over the hill.” I have the clients go through extended circuits of submax exercises, moving continuously while adding attention demanding challenges in between. I’ll typically have them continue the circuit for 20-30 minutes maintaining perfect form and an aerobic heart rate roughly between 130-160 depending on the client.

Check out this glimpse of the circuit indie with Jim where we lured squats, push-ups, beam walking, TGU’s and Rows. 

I believe inclusion of theses circuits in addition to solid strength work can be a huge game changer for your health as you age.