“ACL Prevention Is Just Good Training.” – Mike Boyle

“ACL Prevention Is Just Good Training.”-Mike Boyle There are between 250,000 and 300,000 ACL injuries per year. Our goal is to reduce that risk in every person we coach. @bodybyboyle and @movementasmedicine we believe we have an extremely successful ACL injury reduction risk using our jumping and plyometric progressions. It is extremely rare that one of our athletes who has been through the system ends up with a non-contact ACL injury. Even less frequently do we have re-tears (I have seen 1 in 7 years, given our volume, that makes me extremely happy). The reduction strategy is to develop stability and eccentric strength. Many people are eager to progress through these phases too quickly and get right to the sexy stuff, but following the progressions that develop the foundation are crucial to long term success. Make sure people can demonstrate absorption and control of force, before you worry about production. Like all of our progressions, 2-3 weeks of success is necessary before we allow advancement. Top- Phase 1- Medial and Lateral Hops with stick. Bottom Left- Phase 2- Medial and Lateral Hops with mini bounce (short contact time with the ground). Sticking the last of each. Bottom Right- Phase3- Medial and Lateral continuous hurdle hops. Sticking the last of each. We follow these same progressions in regards to linear hurdle progressions. – @sanchise387 @kev_in_carr @collectmomentsnotthingz @perform_better

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