Low Dose Consistency in Technical Lifts

Low Dose Consistency in Technical Lifts

In an effort to improve my #TurkishGetUp 1RM, I spent many weeks practicing with low to moderate intensity loads (30%-70%). Prior to this 52kg TGU, my 1RM was the 48kg. I spent my practice time using nothing heavier than a 36kg. In resistance-trained individuals, it’s important to recognize that it will be more difficult to progress, if you’re constantly training at or close to (~90% or above) your max. Particularly, in more technical lifts like the Turkish Get Up or Olympic lifts, consistent practice at submaximal loads will have a better return on your long term investment. Why?

More technical lifts demand a significant amount of mental focus. Training them at 90% or above all the time, takes away from one’s ability to concentrate.

Staying submaximal will keep the nervous system from fatiguing too rapidly, allowing for more repetitions.

Lower risk of injury.

Decreased soreness will allow for more practice.

In short, if you want to get really good and really strong at something, practice it! Put yourself in a position to have success and keep your practice consistent. Challenge or test your 1RM from time to time (I like every 6-8 weeks), to see that your system is working. Have respect for your body and it’s demand for rest. Recognize that it can not go 100MPH all of time and you will have long-term success in your training.