MBSC Linear Warm Up

Here is a snippet of our linear warm-up at @bodybyboyle

Dynamic Warm-Ups are a great opportunity to…
– Teach movement skills and to prepare the body for speed work
– Take musculature through full range
– Increase body/muscle temperature

  • Bear Crawl:
    – Active dorsi-flexion
    – Hip, shoulder and torso stability
    – Hand to eye coordination
    – Prone ground based walking
  • Inchworm:
    ­čö╣Active hip and spinal flexion
    ­čö╣Complements the teaching of “uniform” spinal curvature development (or re-development)
    ­čö╣Hamstring stretch
  • Reverse Lunge to Hamstring Stretch:
    ­čĹë­čĆ╗ Complex movement – many things going on here
    ­čö╣Active shoulder flexion
    ­čö╣Glute & Hamstring activation in pull back
    ­čö╣Anterior Hip (Quadricep) Stretch
    ­čö╣Deep unilateral hip flexion in bottom position
  • High-Knee Walk:
    ­čö╣Posterior Hip Stretch
    ­čö╣Anterior Hip Stretch on the supporting leg
  • Leg-Cradle:
    ­čö╣Dynamic posterior capsule stretch
    ­čö╣External rotators stretch
    ­čö╣Anterior Hip Stretch on the supporting leg
  • Straight-Leg Walk:
    ­čö╣Dynamic Hamstring stretch
    ­čö╣Powerful contraction and activation of hip flexors
  • Straight-Leg Skip:
    ­čö╣”Adds the rhythmic skipping action to the straight-leg walk and increased dynamic stretch of the hamstring” @michael_boyle1959
  • High-Knee Run:
    ­čö╣Hip flexor activation
    ­čö╣Anterior tibialis activation
  • High-Knee Skip:
    ­čö╣Hip flexor and extensor warm-up
    ­čö╣General coordination

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