Wrist Prep: Rolling Fists

Wrist Prep: Rolling  Fists

  • Massage Therapists: Are our wrists beat up from bodywork?
  • Baseball Players: Are your wrists jacked from hitting?
  • Fighters: Dealing with repeatedly jammed wrists?
  • Hockey: How’s the over use effecting your wrister?

This is one of @scottyg003‘s go-to drills. In fact I see him doing this one himself around the clinic all day long.

The difference between this drill being effective and being a time waster is TENSION. Simply, rolling your fists around in the ground won’t do anything but creating crushing grip and driving your fists into the ground while rolling is where the magic happens. The goal is to keep constant isometric tension between your fist and the ground while working through flexion/extension and radial/ulnar deviation. Focus going slowly and isolating the movement as much as possible at the wrist.

Although these can be done as a wrist warm-up they’re most effective when done consistently as long-term preventive prep work. The cumulative effect of progressively stressing the wrist tissue daily is where the magic happens. Prepare with vigilance so rehab isn’t necessary.