What You See Versus What Your Coach Sees!

What you see versus what your strength coach sees!


Changing appearance <<< changing the way things appear to feel

I believe EVERYONE DESERVES TO FEEL INVINCIBLE. Everyone deserves to feel “too strong.”

It’s not about just getting a “sweat on.” It’s about owning every movement in your life. Injury prevention and reduction. We all deserve our health and wellness. We all deserve to enjoy all aspects of our lives without being limited by pain or movement restrictions. There is nothing more empowering than feeling strong and in control of your life.

Our bodies are the one thing we own entirely in this lifetime of ours.

We are ALL weightlifters whether we realize it or not. It may not be a dumbbell, kettle-bell or barbell that you are lifting. But, you are most definitely lifting something weighted every day. The gym is simply the lab in which we practice movements applied to real life scenarios.

I speak for myself and for all my fellow strength coaches, we believe “working out” is much more than just loving the looks of your body. It’s about appreciating its function and loving the way you FEEL.

Make sure if you have a personal trainer that they have a PURPOSE for every exercise you are doing. Not just because it’s a “cool” exercise that looks “sexy.” Smart training relates to real life and joint integrity.

We are in this for YOU.

A strength coach and TEAM that cares about your well being.

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