WATCH MY FULL WINTER SEMINAR LECTURE! Movement As Medicine: Practical Principles For Movement Health

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to teach at the 2016 Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Winter Seminar along side Marco Sanchez, Anna Hartman and of course…Mike Boyle.

This was an awesome event and I’d encourage you all to check it out next year if you get the chance. Of course I am biased but I believe our seminar provides the best mix of lecture and hands-on practical application in the world.

Thankfully, if you missed the seminar you can still watch my lecture online. I’ve made it available for free on our YouTube page. If you want to see Marco, Anna and Mike’s lectures I encourage you to join BodyByBoyle Online where you can get access to those as well as over 400 hours of educational content.

My presentation was titled

“Movement As Medicine: Practical Principles for Movement Health.”

My goal was to share the 5 major training principles that coaches should focus on to ensure long-term movement health and resiliency in their clients.

Here are my 5 “Big Rocks” when it comes to movement health and the questions I believe you need audit yourself with as a coach.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.52.05 AM

The Big 5 and the questions you NEED to ask!

Want to learn more?!

Watch my entire lecture below let me know your thoughts and please share!