“Waking up” Your Feet

Following surgery on his right foot Johnnie @caron1879 is back at @bodybyboyle and training for another @bostonmarathon We’re working hard on reestablishing mobility in his big toe and ankle while developing strength and proprioception in his foot.

After multiple stress fractures, a surgical repair and subsequent immobilization Johnnie lost a lot of mobility in his toe and ankle. In addition to his general fitness work we’re focusing on daily active mobility drills like PAILS, RAILS and CARS to improve big to extension, dorsiflexion and plantar flexion.

While training in the gym I prefer him to be barefoot so we can begin “waking up” his feet. Simply performing active movement drills and lifting weights without shoes can do wonders to stimulate the sensory nerves in the base of the foot that get dampened from months of immobilization.