Variable Loading Strategies

Variable Loading Strategies

The squat is a fundamental pattern that I want all my clients to be competent in. There are a bunch of ways to load the squat and I encourage you to try them all. Not for means of “enterTRAINment” but because movement variability stimulates neuromuscular plasticity and can prepare your clients for an ever changing environment.

To quote Guido Van Ryssegem: “Human movement lies in a continuum between too much variability and complete repeatability. It’s a dynamic equilibrium that constantly changes”

Ensure that you master a fundamental unloaded squat pattern before exploring more variable patterns. Basic mastery must come before variety. Program variability intelligently and with intention. I am not a fan of “planned randomness.”

Although they may look similar Front Squats, Goblet Squats, Offset Squats, Sandbag Squats and Zercher Squats all will require a slightly different strategy. These methods will all simulate different motor patterns, increasing your clients adaptability to everyday movement stressors.

Something to think about: Nobody gets hurt practicing perfect goblet squats. People get hurt when they have to help their friend move a couch or refrigerator. Will your client be ready for that?@kev_in_carr