Total Rep Routine

One of my go-to workouts when I’m at home is to accumulate a total given amount of reps of each exercise. I like this for quick at-home workouts because having a set total number of reps in my head allows me to mentally get through the workout easier.
In this case I did a 100 total reps of each exercise but you could do this for any denomination depending on the load and exercises you choose. I’ve done workouts like this for anywhere from 25-200 reps.
I specifically like doing this combo for 100 reps each and all it takes is 3 pieces equipment.
🔸Inverted Row
🔺Equipment Needed:
🔹Rings or TRX
🔹Ab Wheel or Stability Ball
I did 10 sets of 10 but you could split them up anyway you like and you don’t need to start with 100 reps total. Start with 30-40 and work up from there. It’s important to note that I didn’t rush through these from set to set as fast as I could. I rested adequately in between so that I could keep the intensity and quality high.
Also Pro-Tip if you don’t have any equipment and want to turn this into BW Only here is an alternative so you don’t have to resort to things like burpees…
➡️50-100 Total Reps
🔺Alternating Reverse Lunge
🔺Single Leg Hip Lift