This is “rehab.”

This is “rehab.”

As a coach “corrective exercise” or “rehab” should just be intelligently programmed training.

Jimmy was referred to us a couple weeks ago reporting left adductor pain that was only present during single leg training and didn’t hamper during his daily activities. Additionally, he has a history of left SI joint discomfort that worsens with his travel schedule. Although his SFMA was clear and pain free, observing him exercise I could see he lacked pelvic/femoral control in certain exercises.

After some manual therapy in the lumbopelvic region/adductor we simply focused on developing motor control and stability where he lacked it.

Jimmy had a decent command of the classic lifts (clean, deadlift, squat) but lacked the dynamic pelvic and femoral stability that can be gained with core and single leg exercise.

In order to be successful with heavier loaded lifts he needed to establish anterior and lateral core stiffness and hip stability to avoid compensatory stiffness in his adductor and SI joint.

More often than not “corrective exercise” is about filling the cracks with good programming where your client may be deficient. Start with a robust assessment and build a program that fills the low buckets for your client while avoiding training options that cause pain. Simple programming, done consistently and savagely well over the long haul is the ultimate “protective exercise” making “corrective exercise” unnecessary.