Stick Mobility Single Leg Deadlift Series

Stick Mobility Single Leg Deadlift Series

@stickmobility does a great job of making the program to you already know and love better. We’ve found that the stick is a superior tool for providing support with irradiation. A dowel or PVC pipe CANNOT provide you with the same kinesthetic feedback as the stick.

The single leg hinge series @diamondphysiquesj showed us last week has fit seamlessly into our programming at @bodybyboyle and @movementasmedicine.

1). Assisted Single Leg Deadlift
• Another assisted SLDL variation for the toolbox! I like this one because it allows the client to create irradiation by driving the stick hard into the ground. We’ve found consistently that our athletes who struggle with core and hip stability on the single leg deadlift do better when they start with this variation. No more lazy looking reaching SLDL’s when you start with this progression!

2). Hip Airplanes
•This is a great drill to educate your clients about “pelvis on femur internal/external rotation.” Many of your athletes will tend to bias toward acetabular femoral external rotation (AFER) when doing things like single leg squats and deadlifts. This is the common open hip/toes out error we often see on single leg deadlifts. We want to teach them how to achieve acetabular femoral internal rotation (AFIR), squaring up their hips putting them in a better position to interact with the ground.

3). Multiplanar Single Leg Deadlift
•I really enjoy this progression for motor control re-conditioning following lower extremity injuries. It’s important to teach the athlete how to stabilize the hip in multiple planes even when the foot/knee relationship is less than ideal. From here we would progress without the stick to a multi-direction reaching Single Leg Deadlift to condition them to stabilizing without assistance.