Socks and A Hardwood Floor!

Socks and hardwood floors make for great mobility exercises!

Here’s a little complex that I enjoy doing when I have limited space and time.

  1. Scapular protraction/retraction. We can never get enough retraction. I love these for everyone. Especially athletes that spend most of their time hunched over in stick handling sports like hockey or golf.
  1. Active Hip Flexion: Resist the urge to move using your lower back. Here we try to use exhalation (while extending the leg) to recruit our deep abdominals to do their job, stabilize our back.
  1. Active Unilateral Hamstring Stretch: As I raise my back knee off the floor, I pull myself deeper into a stretch.
  1. Active Spiderman Stretch/ T-Spine Rotation Combo: I like to think of the Spiderman stretch as working on the bottom of my squat position, one leg at a time. As my foot lands outside my hand, I shove my knee out. My hand reaches for the ceiling, giving my upper back the opportunity to challenge end range mobility.
  1. Toe-touch to Inchworm to Squat Combo: Here I’m getting an active bilateral hamstring stretch while grooving my squat pattern.

Try these out. The slower you move through these mobility drills the better. Give your body the opportunity and time it needs to adapt.

* Big thank you to @pedestalfootwear for the stylish training socks!