Shoulder Pain While Pressing and Pushing

Shoulder pain while pushing and pressing? Often times people present with shoulder pain going overhead because they lack the prerequisite flexion for practicing movements like overhead pressing and chin-ups. Flexion is one of several things that determine if an individual can press overhead, but simple flexion assessment can determine if you have some of the goods. Notice the top LEFT. A demonstration of good shoulder flexion with no movement at other structures (no spinal movement, ribs packed down). Top RIGHT however, demonstrates poor shoulder flexion with compensatory extension at the lumbar and cervical spine, and loss of rib and pelvic integrity. A demonstration of someone who is not ready to perform movements overhead. The bottom two boxes are pushing and pulling exercises built into our baseball, swimming and other overhead sport athlete programs. The landmine press and x-pull down are great variations that allow us to get a training effect while we simultaneously program the necessary intervention to restore shoulder flexion. If you’re a trainer it’s important to remember that people come for fitness. You must provide a training effect and not focus only on trying to “correct” a movement. Apply your intervention, which might be referring out, but remember to train. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where @kev_in_carr will provide some of the inputs we use in training to work on restoring shoulder mobility. @sanchise387 @kev_in_carr @collectmomentsnotthingz @bodybyboyle @perform_better

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