Progressing Anti-Extension

Progressing Anti-Extension

Anti-Extension control is the foundation of our core exercise progressions at MBSC. The ability to control the pelvis in the sagittal plane will better set you up to better control against multi-planar forces later on. Check out the progression below and let us know your thoughts!

Plank Progression
– Focus on developing body wide tension. Start bracing from the bottom up, squeeze your fists and think about pulling the elbows down.
– We like to use breathes as a cue to get more core activation and progress each week by adding more breathes up to the equivalent of :30 seconds of work.
– Whenever we coach plank we believe it’s best practice to use a dowel to align the head, thoracic spine and sacrum.
– Once you can plank normal for :30 seconds you should progress to feet elevated to provide a further challenge.

Ball Rollout
– Once you can demonstrate basic static stability it’s best to progress to more dynamic variations.
– Start with a short range of motion and use a target to block your end range. – As you get stronger progressively move your target further away. – Work up to 3 sets of 12 repetitions before progressing to wheel rollout. Once you an master this progression you can also begin focusing on multiplanar core drills like plank rows and shoulder taps.

Wheel Rollout
– The wheel rollout is significantly harder than the Ball Rollout so it is recommended that you start with a short range motion and low reps. This can leave you very sore if you have not done them before.
– Focus on maintaining a slight posterior tilt with your ribs down throughout the movement. You SHOULD NOT feel this in your back.

– The bodysaw is a sliding plank where the goal is to maintain perfect plank position while lengthening the core lever by sliding on valslides or a slide board.
– Start with a small range of motion and low repetitions and build up over time as these can be very taxing on the lower abdominals.
– To increase difficulty you can add in a pause when the lever is longest or add a resistance resistance around the feet pulling you backwards. .
Shout out to @fitness_manuel for the demo 💪🏽