Playing Around With The KO8 (@ko8_academy)

Playing Around With The KO8 (@ko8_academy)

While teaching @certifiedfsc in Kuwait my friend Sean Clancy was nice enough to gift me one of his KO8 trainers.This is a really cool piece of equipment because it can function as both a suspension trainer and a resistance band device. I gave it a try yesterday and found these 6 exercise to be my favorite on the KO8.

šŸ”¹Inverted Row: This is my go-to Horizontal Pull pattern for the majority of my personal training clients. Easy to teach, accessible to most clients and requires nothing more than bodyweight.

šŸ”¹Assisted Hip Hinge: Many clients struggle to posterior shift when initially learning to hip hinge. I often use a Cook band to assist clients to posterior shift but the multi-functionality and easy clip function to adjust the load makes the KO8 the obvious tool for the job.

šŸ”¹Assisted Squat (Unilateral and Bilateral): Using bands for assisted squatting doesnā€™t allow the client to become overly dependent on their arms like can happen with a TRX. The added benefit of the KO8 is that you can hold the handle as well as wrap the band around you like a Cook Band.

šŸ”¹Assisted Push Up: I typically regress clients to hand elevated push-ups but this band assisted variation works great too. This is a great option if you don’t have a object to incline a clients hands on or are simply looking for some variation.

šŸ”¹Standing Alternating Press: The standing press is my lateralization of choice for clients who have discomfort with traditional horizontal pressing. Although, I prefer a Keiser for this exercise, this variation would allow you to train horizontal pressing when on the road or during an outdoor training session.

šŸ”¹1/2 Kneeling Row: I love this variation as an alternative to DB and Inverted Row. Itā€™s easy to regress (tall kneeling) & progress (iso-split, standing, 1 arm 1 leg row).

Overall, I really like the KO8. The versatility of the product as both a suspension trainer and a band resistance device is extremely valuable considering the cost ($150 vs $200 for TRX). I think this is a great option for gym owners on a budget, someone building a home gym or an athlete who needs to train on the road.