Multi-planar Active Hip Stretch


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Multi-planar Active Hip Stretch

For lack of a more creative name I call this a “Multi-planar Active Hip Stretch.” In reality it’s an active mobility drill for the anterior and medial hip musculature. Specifically, psoas, illiacus, rectus femoris, pectineus and the adductor group.

The name “stretch” may also be a bit misleading since I don’t think we’re necessarily “lengthening” as much as we are re-organizing the tissue structure to be more resilient under load.

Many of the athletes I’ve worked with that have suffered from anterior hip and groin issues present with poor pelvic control, lack of strength at end range and poor tissue quality.

After addressing pelvic position with a breathing/motor control drills and beginning to influence tissue quality with manual therapy I’ll often begin using this drill to start putting more force through the tissue and build some isometric strength with the tissue at length.

A couple key points to focus on during the drill:

🔹Rib/Pelvic Relationship: The effectiveness of this drill hinges on a parallel relationship between pelvis and rib cage. The classic mistake is to hang in hip/lumbar hyperextension. Instead, tuck the pelvis under to properly align it under the ribs.

🔹Reciprocal Force: To piggyback off the last point, with pelvis tucked you should focus on contracting the glute and the opposing side oblique to create a reciprocal force pairing. This helps to stabilize the pelvis and direct force into the target tissue.

🔹Breathing: Proper diaphragmatic breathing will help relax the nervous system and help to stabilize the pelvis. Focus on inhaling through the nose for 5 seconds and exhaling out the mouth for 10 seconds.

🔹Around The Clock: Work progressively in a clock like fashion to change the angle of force on the hips. The further you open up laterally the more force will be directed through the adductor muscles.

🔹Break The Stick: Use the @stickmobilitysticks to create tension and drive irradiation through the core and into the hip musculature. Squeeze the sticks hard with the hands and drive them down forcefully into the ground.