MAM Podcast S01EP14: Power Training For Adults and “Should We Stretch?”



Show Notes

Ask us a question! 

Question # 1 –  Many of my clients are over 50 and 60. What are the best power exercises for them? Can you please break them down into upper and lower body as many of them have restrictions. 

Question # 2 – Should I stretch or not? And if so, when?

  • I feel so much better after I stretching = more stretch tolerance 
  • Stretching helps us get into better position
  • After not moving all day, stretching is a nice way to get into your body and get into end ranges 
  • Think of your muscles as a bow and arrow, the further you can pull back the bow with control and stiffness the more strength and power you will get from the bow/muscles 
  • Load in those positions after stretching to hit “save” on the document 
  • Make stretching part of the process to create windows of opportunity to move better and get into better positions 
  • Stretching doesn’t affect power if you warm up, strength train properly and work on motor control and patterns… if anything it helps you get into better jumping positions and improves absorption 
  • There are certain studies that are “Statically relevant, but practically irrelevant”
  • Mobilizing and stretching shoulders, hips and ankles are where you will spend most of your time with most people 
  • Thought experiment – even IF the stretching/power study was true, we know stretching reduces the likelihood of injury. If you know that stretching makes you healthier and decreases injury,  but it decreases your power slightly, is the trade off worth it to you? Your client? Your athlete? 

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