MAM Podcast S01E09 What should I charge?



Show Notes

  • Your price is dictated by…
    • Your Demand
    • Experience
    • Quality and Value Of Services 
    • Your Costs/Expenses
    • Location/Market
    • The customer is effectively renting out your equipment, tools, space
  • It’s easier to charge less or a discount, than it is to go up on people 
  • At some point to make more money without working more hours you will need to combine clients or hire people to service the sessions for you 
  • Make enough money to live your lifestyle to then be able to do pro-bono work and help those who might not have access 
  • What’s your perfect month cost? How much do you need to work per week, how many sessions do you need to do per month to live your best life? 
  • Use your non-client hours to improve your value and expertise by pursuing more education and talking to other coaches 
  • Every 7 years what you value, what you want, how you live your life will change.
  • For the first 7 years of your career say “YES” to every opportunity. The next 7+ years learn to say “NO” 

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