Lever Bell Single Leg Hip Lift


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Lever Bell Single Leg Hip Lift

I picked up a new exercise upgrade while attending a presentation by @not_mark__sanchez on The Lever Bell at @perform_better.

The single leg hip lift is a staple exercise choice in many of my clients programs. Whether using it as a warm-up/motor control drill or even a strength exercise the single leg bridge is a valuable tool to improve pelvic/core control and develop posterior chain strength.

The addition of the Level Bell provides a novel, progressive challenge to core/pelvic stability. The laterally oriented load significantly increases the demand on the ipsilateral working hip and contralateral oblique. I instantly felt a major challenge to resist rotation and maintain hip extension with the inclusion of the Lever Bell.

   – Carry the load opposite of the extended hip. Increase difficulty move the load further from the midline.
   – Start with a small bell, around 7lbs before progressing upwards. Minimal load is needed to make this drill challenging.
   – Be sure to lock your arm, grip the bell tightly and think about bending the bar in half.
   – Use this is as a PROGRESSION from regular bridging to further challenge hip and core stability.