Lateral Crawl Push-Up Combo

Lateral Crawl Push-Up Combo

I love push-ups and lately I’ve really enjoyed programming this lateral crawl push-up combo for my clients. This progression has worked its way into my client’s programs for a few reasons.

1). Core Stability – The addition of the lateral crawl brings a core stability challenge to an already awesome core exercise in the push-up. The goal should be to keep the hips and torso as still as possible throughout the drill. Focus on trying to move slowly and softly. I often tell my athletes to be “ninja like” or to imagine they are balancing a glass of water on their lower back. I really like that this drill teaches the athlete to alternate core stability strategies between being reflexive and dynamic during the crawl and being stiff and strong during the push-up.

2). Scapular Stability – I love using crawling progressions as a method to train scapular stability. I use the lateral crawl as a progression from the traditional quadruped bear crawl since the load on the shoulders and core is much higher in the push-up posture. Adding in the push-up really doubles down to make this a great tool for building strong shoulders. Focus on crawling slowly and lowering slowly into the push-up to develop eccentric control of the scapulae.

3). Metabolic Demand – While this is a great exercise to develop core and scapular stability the first thing many clients comment on is how metabolically demanding it is. Adding in the crawl really jacks up the intensity from a traditional push-up. I’ll often work this progression into a kettlebell or bodyweight circuit for general population clients looking to improve body composition.

Make sure you’ve mastered regular push-ups, bear crawls and laterals crawls in isolation before moving onto this progression. I’ll often start by prescribing 5 reps with a crawl in between each eventually building up to 10 total push-ups Try it out and let me know your thoughts!

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