“Just do SOMETHING. Do your best to check the box everyday.”

“Just do SOMETHING. Do your best to check the box everyday.”

That’s typically my response when asked about how to deal with the challenges of training on the road.

Different environment. Different schedule. Different food. Maybe even a different side of the world. These all represent potential barriers that can seriously challenge our resolve to exercise.

They also represent excuses.

Success often means doing the things we don’t want to do. Everyone has an inner voice telling you to take a day off. Develop the voice that tells you to step up. (Credit to @davidgoggins)

The ultimate “Success” for physical health means healthy joints, healthy heart and a healthy brain. Build a daily practice that reflects that goal.

You don’t always have to go hard. But you gotta go and do something. It could mean lifting weights, going for a run, playing a sport, working on mobility or taking a long walk.

Movement is an essential human need just like breathing, eating and sleeping. Don’t skip out on your daily dose.

My hotel gym in Seoul, although it was huge, was lacking many of the tools I’d prefer. There were about 25 treadmills but only 10 dumbbells. After a brief moment of self-pity I decided to pull it together and make the best of it. –
Perfect is always the enemy of done. Don’t let imperfection serve as a convenient excuse to avoid personal responsibility. Step up, be creative and give your body what it deserves.

Here is what I threw together today.

Full Body Mobility

Single Arm Swing: 5 x 5 ea
(Paired with active mobility drills)

A1: Push-Up: 5 x 25
A2: Single Leg Squat: 5 x 8 ea
A3: Pull-Up: 5 x 8

Goblet Squat: 10 x 10 (Every minute on the minute)