Hip (Re)Conditioning – Loaded Hip Circles

(Re)Conditioning loaded hip circles

This series of progressions is designed to challenge hip movement through some of the developmental phases. Great way to challenge concentric flexion, eccentric extension and rotation simultaneously.

Phase 1- Supine. Loaded circles flat on your back. I like bending the knee on the non working side to help combat excessive extension at the lumbar.

Phase 2- Prone Push Up. Elevating the opposite foot allows for a little more room to draw big hip flexion circles using the @valslide.

Phase 3- Standing. I use the box to keep constant tension throughout the entire hip circle. When you arrive here it also forces single leg stability on the down leg.

Phase 4-Suspended. Hanging using a small (4kg) kettlebell. Being overhead and suspended will place the greatest demand for loaded hip movement without any compensatory spinal movement.

Thanks for watching! @not_mark_sanchez