High Plank Walkouts

I’m gonna do my best to keep posting low/no equipment exercise options for you everyday while we’re all doing this self-distancing thing.
High Plank Walkouts are an advanced anti-extension core strengthening exercise that serve as an alternative to ring fallouts. Typically, I would program these after seeing that someone can effectively perform wheel rollouts with out any issues.
A few cues here:
🔹Widen the feet. This is as much of an anti-rotation exercise as it is an anti-extension exercise. Widening the feet will help to control excessive rotation.
🔹Tuck the pelvis. Sagittal control is everything here. No use in doing this exercise while hanging in spinal/pelvic extension. Think: “Belt buckle towards my belly button.”
🔹Progress and regress by distance. Start with small steps and increase your range as you get stronger.
🔹GO SLOW!! 🐢