Fitness Is Part of the Solution

Christian has been experiencing some extension based back pain after playing basketball. I am suspicious that it has to do with his tendency to go into spinal extension when jumping and landing. Here are some controlled drills we’ve been working on to improve his positioning when playing.

Bird Dog Variation:

🔹An anti-extension and anti-rotation movement that challenges the trunk to stabilize while the limbs move away from the midline.

Band Overhead-Press:

🔹Pressing the hand into the wall and pressing the front heel into the ground is simply just to glue all segments of Christian’s body into optimal position. This gives us the opportunity to only allow movement where we want it, at the shoulder joint.

Dumbbell Overhead-Press:

🔹A progression to the band overhead-press. A bottoms-up kettle-bell or even racked position kettle-bell would be a better loading option if available.