Feel Your Feet!

Feel Your Feet!

Most people can’t feel their feet. For all our feet do for us we take them for granted. They should be stimulated, strengthened and stretched like every other part of your body.

Ever since @ajhbanana woke us up to the work of Phillip Beach, barefoot walking has been a staple in our program at @bodybyboyle.

Imagine how well your hands would work if you wore mittens all the time…. Sensory inputs from the sole of the foot are directly linked to the L4-S1 segments of the spine. Poor sensory input in means poor motor output or more simply put… “Garbage in = Garbage out”

A good off day recovery strategy is to go for a long barefoot walk. Go to the beach, the woods or out to a field, kick off your shoes and socks and take a walk. This is a great way to get some aerobic exercise and sun/nature exposure while also waking up your feet.

Additionally, barefoot walking is a great practice in mindfulness. Nothing will demand your full, unwavering attention like walking over rocks or in the woods barefoot.