Host a Mentorship

There has been an overwhelming amount of interest for facilities to host a MBSC Mentorship.

Most people cannot afford to take precious time away from their businesses or family’s to travel across the country and attend a MBSC mentorship here in Boston. So we want to bring the mentorship to you! As the host of the event we will comp you, and your staff, free spots in the mentorship based off of the number of sign ups we get.

Here are some general requirements for hosting an event…

  • A space and environment dedicated for the event. That includes both space size and noise (no music playing in the background/sporting events/etc.)
  • Turf or rubber area for going through warm ups and activations.
  • A quick video tour of the space that will be used.
  • The mentorship can be set up for either 1, 2 or 3 days depending on availability and the distance we’ll traveling
  • Preferably these mentorships would be done on Fridays & Saturdays.
  • We are willing to accept applications for facilities outside of the US.

If you are interested please email and we will begin the application process. 

Topics that will be covered while we’re there:

  • Assessment
  • Program Design
  • Regressions & Progressions
  • The Art of Coaching
  • Staff Development
  • Hands On Workouts


“After attending a fantastic 4 day mentorship at MBSC, I made arrangements with Bob Hanson to have Kevin Carr come to our school for a “Mobile Mentorship”. We broke the day out so he could work with our Athletic Trainers, Strength & Conditioning Coach and a few Personal Trainers early in the day, focusing on injury prevention and rehab. The late day sessions were for students and coaches – a combination of lecture and activity. Kevin was outstanding!! His ability to relate to everyone – at all levels – was impressive. I had students and faculty chasing me down the halls for days wanting to know when Kevin was coming back!! Everyone gave the program RAVE reviews. I have been running the Wellness Program at The Hotchkiss School for years and this was, without a doubt, some of the best money I have ever spent! We have full intentions on having MBSC back here on campus in the fall.”

Nancy Delson Vaughan (Wellness Administrator) The Hotchkiss School

“I brought Brendon and Kevin to my facility for a private workshop for my team and some of the people in my network… We had a mix of experienced personal trainers, strength coaches and physical therapists. The feedback from everyone involved has been phenomenal. These guys really have an incredible wealth of knowledge and an obvious passion for what they do. Due to the mix of professionals we had and the type of clients we typically get @ IET, Brendon and Kevin were able to tailor the seminar to suit our needs. We covered not only program design and technical coaching cues. But also went deep into assessment protocols, corrective exercise, restorative breathing techniques and recovery strategies. This was one of the most beneficial seminars I have ever attended. To have the ability to attend a weekend seminar with two of the brightest trainers in our industry is great. To be able to host it at your own facility and hand pick the attendees…. It’s a no brainer!!! Incredible weekend. Thank you guys.”

Andrew Reilly (Owner) Integrated Exercise Therapy