Double KB Snatch and Squat Circuit with Heart Rate Monitoring.


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Double KB Snatch and Squat Circuit with Heart Rate Monitoring.

Last week my friend @chweingroff tweeted:

“Random exercises and declining output with increasing exertion can be defended at some level. No attention to work:rest or movement status for someone showing up for a “group training” or “class” is not.”

This is something I agree with wholeheartedly and want more people in this industry to understand.

Rest intervals matter and I’m going to continue making more videos to show how easily they can be personalized and managed using simple heart rate monitoring.

On Sunday, and I did a KB Circuit of:

1 Double Snatch
1 Front Squat
X 5 Sets
Rest until 70%
Repeat for 10 Rounds

In the first video you can see the difference in our rest periods throughout the workout. Over the course of the ten sets our recovery begins to differ so training off of a generic time based rest period would have been less than optimal for both of us. Rest times based on internal markers like heart rate will personalize the rest period to YOU specifically. It’s also important to realize that your ability to recover will change from day to day based on your readiness.

On this day specifically I had just returned from a weekend in NYC and the combination of traveling, teaching and partying had me feeling like I was in The Sunken Place. 🧟‍♂️ This less than optimal state had me requiring more rest than normal and my heart rate reflected that.

Realize that group based exercise can be done with personalized programming if the coach cares enough to make it so. HR monitoring is cheap and easy and pre-designed systems of progressions and regressions make for simple quick adjustments of exercise selection to accommodate for movement quality or skill set. Don’t be lazy, don’t make excuses. Do better.