Consistency and Training Twice A Week

Consistency and Training Twice A Week

I recently saw a coach online say something along the lines of… “you can’t expect to make any significant strength gains without training at least 4x/week.”
This statement was shocking to me since many of our personal training and adult group clients train with us 2x/week and see consistent and significant progress. .

Now context matters here. If you’re a competitive athlete or serious strength competitor, training 2x a week would not be ideal. But for the majority of personal training clients that’s the most time and money they can commit to training.

The average gym-goer can get pretty damn strong if they focus on consistent disciplined practice. .

Focus On The Major Lifts: When time is short don’t get caught up on the little stuff. Focus on getting brilliant at the basics. Goblet Squat, Deadlift, Swing, Split Squat, Push-Up, Row, Chin-Up, TGU, Press. Honestly ask yourself: “Have I progressed beyond Strength Training 101?”

Treat Strength As A Skill: Getting strong requires patience and consistent application just like any other skill. Practice quality sub-maximal efforts (%80) and over time you will be shocked at how strong you can get. If necessary practice the same movements twice a week. Avoid missed reps and fails. Over the long haul you will get strong because of a consistent commitment to quality.

Lisa trains with me twice a week and is super consistent. In addition to that she works her ass off every single time she comes in the gym and she’s continually getting stronger because of it.

28 KG Swing x 12
24 KG Staggered DL x 8 each
Wheel Rollouts x 10
230 LB Sled March