Coaching The Side Plank

The side plank is a classic core exercise that despite it’s popularity is often performed with less than stellar technique. Check out this video and follow the tips and progressions to build your obliques and get more out of your side plank.
1. Shoulder Set-Up: Be sure to set up with the elbow directly under the shoulder with the palm flat on the floor. This will ensure the most strong and stable position for your shoulder.

2. Torso Set Up: Start with a straight line from your hips to your head. Slightly posteriorly tilt your pelvis (“Belt buckle towards your belly button”) so that you can better utilize your obliques during the drill.

3. Squeezing: For the first three progressions, squeeze a towel or pad between the legs to promote adductor activity.

4. Reaching: Actively reach your top arm forward, protracting your scapula to encourage oblique and serratus activity.

5. Breathing: Instead of programming for time and watching the clock. Program for breathes! Inhale through the nose (4 sec), exhale out the mouth (6-8 sec) and focus on drawing the ribcage down and inward. Progress from 2 breathes to 5 breathes over the course of a few weeks.

  • Short Lever Side Plank
  • Side Plank
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