Coaching Points: Half Kneeling Cable Lift

Coaching Points: Half Kneeling Cable Lift

The Half Kneeling Cable Lift is one of our most frequently programmed exercises. In fact, we’ve posted about it on here before but there are some finer coaching points that people often miss that I wanted@to cover. @Not_Mark_Sanchez did a great job covering our entire diagonal lift progression a while back so if you want a full breakdown of the progression scroll back and check it out.

1). Anti-Extension/Anti-Rotation at Lumbar + Extension/Rotation at Thoracic: This exercise is all about disassociation between the upper and lower half. At the lower half the goal should be to maintain connection between the rib cage and pelvic bowl, resisting rotation and extension. At the cervical and thoracic the goal should be to promote natural rotation and extension with the eyes, head and shoulders following the path of the hands.

2). Pausing at the Mid-Point: I think it is optimal to coach a pause at the chest during the lifting and chopping movement. Starting and stopping requires the trainee to reflexively stabilize rather than just rushing through the movement using momentum.

3). Stable Pelvis: The 1/2 Kneeling Position is a pretty magical thing. In fact, for many of my clients I may not even progress this drill beyond this posture. The self-limiting nature of 1/2 kneeling does wonders for training hip and pelvic stability in multiple planes. To optimize this be sure to keep the pelvis tucked securely underneath the torso. You should cue a posterior tilt and avoid swaying the downside hip laterally during the drill.

Do you program this exercise? If so let us know in the comments why you like it and where you program it. We might learn something new. Personally, I use it in the warm-up or pairing it as a non-competing core exercise during our main heavy implement power exercise.