Chin-up/Pull-up Grip Variations

Here are a few chin-up/pull-up grip variations performed by coach @georg1o

Some things to keep in mind when programming upper body workouts:

– Smart training incorporates a balanced participation of musculature.
– Upper body strength exercises are not an exception!
– For every time you push (ex. Bench/Overhead Press) – you should perform a pulling movement (ex. Chin-Ups/Rows).
– “Overemphasis on pushing and pressing can lead to postural problems because of the overdevelopment of the pectorals and underdevelopment of scapular retractors” (Functional Training for Sports, @michael_boyle1959 )

🔶 Our general population spends the majority of their lives seated and slouched in a chair. Upper body programming that favors pushing movements reinforces and exaggerates kyphotic posture.

🔶Pressing is a valuable and necessary tool for strength and shoulder health. Just make sure you are balancing it out with pulling!