Book Of The Month: Unplugged Topic 1: Wearable Technology

Book Of The Month: Unplugged by Brian McKenzie, Andy Galpin and Phil White.

“If we keep chasing performance simply for the sake of improving our numbers we’re missing out on the fun of being active.”

Topic 1: Wearable Technology

Q: Is constant connection to technology and data in our best interest?

The dats we can get from all the new technology out there can amazingly helpful to give us feedback on our lifestyle and training habits. However we should be cautious not to become overly reliant on technology to guide our decision making. Obsessing over data from your wearable workout device can drive further stress and maladaptive behavior while also causing us to lose sight of the overall training process.

What to do:

– Wearables tend to be better at tracking trends over time (weeks/months) rather than providing acute feedback. For that reason we should learn to follow our own. subjective feedback (daily questionnaire/rpe) and intuition in conjunction with data rather than simply focusing on the numbers.

Do you have trouble with obsessing over your wearable workout monitor?

Do you have a subjective system like RPE or a questionnaire that you use to guide your decisions?