Bear Position Plank with Wall Assistance

The Bear Plank has replaced the traditional Front Plank and become my go-to, beginner anti-extension exercise. While front planks are great it can often be difficult to get new clients to effectively manage the position of their pelvis with their hips extended.
By flexing the hips into a quadruped position it shortens the lever on the pelvis making it easier to relatively posteriorly tilt and engage your oqliques.
Additionally, by pressing your heels into the wall it provides a stable external surface for the client to receive feedback from and brace against.
Quick Cues:
🔺Screw the hands into the ground.
🔺Inhale through the 👃🏼 4 seconds/Exhale through the 👄 8 seconds.
🔺Break the wall with your feet.
🔺Point your belt buckle towards your belly button.
Give these a try and let us know how you like them!