30 Minute Joint Friendly “Strongman” Workout:

30 Minute Joint Friendly “Strongman” Workout:

Sled Pushes, Farmers Carries and Push-Ups are full body exercises making them brutally efficient at both building muscle and raising heart rate. I especially like using exercises like this when I’m short on time and need to squeeze in a workout in 45 minutes or less.

Carries, sleds and push-ups are all “joint friendly” exercise choices. Most people, even those with movement limitations can follow this routine with very few adjustments.

I did the following routine continuously for as many sets as possible in 30 minutes

Sled Push with 250 lbs x 50 yards
Push – Up x 20
Farmer Carry with 225 lbs x 50 yards
Push-Up x 20

That’s it. Simple, not easy but effective. Adjust the weight and push-up repetitions as needed. If you can’t do 20 push-ups cut it to 10 or use an incline for your hands. Make sure you load the sled and carry to weights that you can maintain good form with. The loads should be submaximal.