Your Best Client

Your Best Client

As a coach, your masterpiece is your client who is no longer dependent. Your client who is empowered and informed so that they can manage their own health.

Imagine if every time your car was in the shop the mechanic educated you and encouraged you to perform routine maintenance on your own. Can you fix a flat? Change your oil? Can you change your washer fluid?

@meandyouplusthree like many other clients at @bodybyboyle progress from being a passenger to a wingman (or wingwoman) on their fitness journey. Instead of being guided now they are confident enough to take the wheel. Having been able to educate her on training and help her find other quality resources she’s now able to train herself with out coaching oversight.

Some might think, “Isn’t it bad to lose clients? Isn’t that bad for business?”
But the truth is I’m not losing them, I’m promoting them.

If you can train yourself and manage your own health then I’ve won. Not only are YOU in control of your health but you’re a walking billboard for my business and likely a raving fan. Not being dependent on a coach makes training more economically viable and allows clients to train on their schedule, whenever and wherever. And when it’s time to check in with their coach, work toward a new goal or if they simply want to talk they’ll come back to you.

Don’t just train your clients. Educate them and empower them. Everyone should have the tools and confidence to manage their own health.