Teaching The Bear Crawl

Teaching bear crawls with some tactile feedback during today’s @certifiedfsc event in Munich at @ft.club.

In the first clip the girls are working on 6 Point Crawling (Hands, Knees and Toes down) as an introductory progression. In the second clip the whole group practices 4 Point Crawling (Knees off the ground) as a secondary crawling progression.

When cueing athletes to limit pelvic/lumbar sway in the crawl I often tell them “imagine there is a glass of water on your back and you don’t want to spill it.” This will usually slow them down and keep their hips under control. But @maxlstrength and I decided to up the ante today and put some cones and tennis balls on their lumbar spines to provide them some kinesthetic feedback. Coaching techniques like this eliminate the coach having to explain and provide a kinesthetic cue to the athlete, making it much more effective than verbal cueing.

A wiseman once told me “The best coaches eliminate themselves from the process.” I think I did a good job here giving myself a break from actively having to coach…….Give this a try at your gym and let us know how you like it!