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10 Reflections From My 26th Year

As my 27th birthday passed me by last week it served not only as an excuse to eat cake and drink too much but also as an opportunity for reflection. Like all humans I’m a continual work in progress and hope to steadily improve the version of “me” that I present to the world. As I reflected on my experiences… READ MORE

Fitness Road Rules

Everyone is looking for “the secret”. The nutrition guru swears it’s the juice detox or the coconut oil. The “guy at the gym” preaches interval training and kettelbells. Your cousin swears by Crossfit and only eats paleo and his girlfriend credits Pure Barre for her “Selteresque” tush. Depending on your goal any of these approaches may… READ MORE

Training Middle School Athletes

MBSC Coach Ken Whittier put together some great coaching notes for our interns about coaching middle school athletes. We thought he did such a great job that we should share it on the website. Enjoy!    Guest Post by Ken Whittier of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning I believe people tend to overthink training younger athletes, which… READ MORE

Training Notes: In-Season Training and Chain Resisted Lateral Crawls

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action” – Pete Drucker   While in the midst of our daily pursuits, moments of mindfulness and reflection are scarce. In our professional lives especially, moments of reflective practice are easily drowned out by the stampede of the working world around us. As a coach and… READ MORE

Quick Effective Full Body Warm-Up

     For many gym-goers the thought of warming up prior to a workout is akin to torture or even worse it’s not a thought at all. Understandably, everyone is pressed for time in the gym and the idea of sacrificing precious minutes under the bar for a warm-up routine may seem counterintuitive. In fact,… READ MORE

Training To Prevent Hamstring Injuries

Of all gait related injuries hamstring strains have the greatest rate of reoccurance with as many as 1/3 of  injured athletes suffering re-inury with the first few weeks following return to sport.”  -Tom Michaud Statistically, hamstring strains are one of the most common soft tissue injuries in all of sports. Oddly enough, I rarely see hamstring strains… READ MORE

The Importance Of Hands-On Cueing

Whether you’re in a therapy or performance training setting the importance of good cueing to achieve a desired outcome cannot be understated. Quality visual demonstration, rich verbal phrasing and targeted physical touch are all powerful tools when used correctly in the process of cueing movement. We know that client specific learning styles will dictate how… READ MORE

4 Hip Mobility Drills To Improve Your Squat

If you asked me “What is the most common dysfunction you see in clients on a daily basis?”, I’d say unequivocally that it would be limitations in hip mobility.  It seems like everyone I see from middle-aged desk jockeys to teenage hockey players is suffering from early onset rigor mortis of the hips. With no end… READ MORE

Why And How to Program Breathing Exercises

     Breathing is a function that is fortunately controlled by our bodies autonomic nervous system. Autonomic control means that our body can effectively regulate respiration without us having to consciously think about every breathe we take. Basically, for the majority of our day our diaphragm and lungs are on cruise control.      The… READ MORE