Anti-Extension Core Progressions

Here are some anti-extension core progressions that teach anterior core engagement.

– The ultimate prerequisite for any type of strength exercise
– One must learn how to create as much tension as possible
– I like to program this for breaths rather than time (5-6 breaths)
– Learn how to create as much abdominal and gluteal tension as possible to prevent extension of the lumbar spine

Feet Elevated Plank:
– Same benefits as the plank but changing the angle of the feet increases the difficulty

Ball Rollout:
– All this is is a shorter lever plank (kneeling)
– However, the ball move away from the body increases the core tension demand
– Upper limbs move away from the body and we must now keep core integrity

Ball Rollout Progression:
– Same benefits as above but the difficulty increases the ball gets smaller

Ring-Fall Out:
– Same idea as the rollout variations
– Lengthens the lever
– Maintain core integrity

BENEFITS of core training:
– Injury reduction
– Increase in strength
– Speed improvement
– Teaches athletes/adults how to maintain trunk position during strength exercises, jumps and sprints